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Blues Guitar Unleashed has generously posted a limited number of these lessons to benefit Eagle Research Associates, Inc.!

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Interested in learning guitar during your time at home? This 3 month trial of the Blues Guitar Unlimited All Access Pass is the perfect solution. You'll be on your way to professional guitarist status in no time. Get full access to the Blues Guitar Unleashed Member Portal, including streaming access to currently over 850 video lessons, hundreds of blues jam tracks, and complete manuals in PDF format. Receive access to the online Practice Generator & Tracker as well as membership to the Blues Guitar Unleashed Member Forum, and several live, online sessions per month. Blues Guitar Unleashed is the most popular selling blues guitar course since 2008. Blues Guitar Unleashed is being used by over 26,372 blues guitar players around the world with more students joining every day. What makes Blues Guitar Unleashed unique is the systematic approach to blues playing. Each of the 31 lessons follows the previous in terms of technique, skills, and concepts.

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Blues Guitar Unleashed has generously posted a limited number of lessons to help Eagle Research Associates, Inc. raise money. You get a great deal, enjoy and amazing experience, and we receive a sizable donation. What could be better?

Purchase a lesson package above using the "Buy It Now" button. You’ll be emailed a certificate with full redemption instructions. The sale ends on Oct 12 or when our supply runs out. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity.

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About Blues Guitar Unleashed

Griff Hamlin has had a successful and varied career that has spanned over three decades, and Blues Guitar Unleashed has been the #1 blues guitar learning site on the web since 2008. With over 56,000 students worldwide, and over 2 dozen courses ranging from Acoustic Blues to Slide, to Electric Rhythm and Soloing, there are courses and lessons for all levels and styles of blues. Learn more at

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About Eagle Research Associates, Inc.

Eagle Research Associates, Inc was founded in 2008 with a dual mission. First to educate and warn the public about the various forms of Internet investment Ponzi's/Scams/Fraud and all their various formats. This is accomplished by free community seminars, radio and television interviews, public speaking engagments, blogging, posting on financial forums, guest articles in newspapers and magazines, and through our website links. Our second mission is what makes Eagle Research Associates, Inc truly unique. We assist federal law enforcement agencies worldwide with their investigations of these criminal enterprises by providing much needed research saving them countless man hours, time and money.

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