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If you love to have fun, save money, and help us out, you’ve come to the right place. Generous business owners post flash sales for fun experiences where a significant portion of each purchase goes to our cause. Not only do we receive funding, you get great deals on exclusive vacations, cruises, golf and more. Check out our FAQ to learn more and check back in regularly to learn what's on flash sale!

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About Eagle Research Associates, Inc.

Eagle Research Associates, Inc was founded in 2008 with a dual mission. First to educate and warn the public about the various forms of Internet investment Ponzi's/Scams/Fraud and all their various formats. This is accomplished by free community seminars, radio and television interviews, public speaking engagments, blogging, posting on financial forums, guest articles in newspapers and magazines, and through our website links. Our second mission is what makes Eagle Research Associates, Inc truly unique. We assist federal law enforcement agencies worldwide with their investigations of these criminal enterprises by providing much needed research saving them countless man hours, time and money.

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Always watching, ever vigilant

Keeping Eagle Eyes on Cyber-Crime

Enjoy an unique vacation experience while at the same time supporting Eagle Research Associates at no cost to you.

- Lynn Edgington, President/Founder